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Adit Pank

Adit Pank, otherwise known as Edith Pank, is an artist and illustrator living in Israel.  It was there, in the early 1970s, that she met Raymond Rowley King and studied painting with him.  So far, we have one work by adit, which is shown on the Edwards/Pedersen Collection page.  It is an exquisite drawing of a woman wearing a hat.

Woman With Hat by Edith Pank

Occasionally other works show up at auction.   Most recently an oil on canvas, titled Woman in Window, has been offered on eBay.

Woman in Window by Edith Pank

It measures 15.5 x 10 inches.

An additional oil on canvas, titled Woman, has previously been offered on eBay.

Woman by Edith Pank

It measures 12 x 9-3/4 inches.

This is a photo of Adit Pank as she appears on Facebook.

It is possible to believe that the Woman With Hat is a self-portrait.

These, also, may be self-portraits.

Woman with Hat by Edith Pank 02

I have titled it Woman With Hat also, because that seemed to fit.  The next is, I believe, titled Girl with Clown Doll.

Girl with Clown Doll by Edith Pank

I will go out on a limb and suggest a title for this next one of Portrait of a Woman with Mirror Reflecting Semi-nude.

Portrait of a Woman with Mirror Reflecting Semi-nude by Edith Pank

One final piece is of a group of people at a gathering, one of who appears to be in a bridal veil.

A Wedding Party by Edith Pank

I have taken the liberty to title it A Wedding Party.  I have neither title nor dimensions on any of these.

An additional painting has been offered on eBay.  I shall call it Dancers and String, for lack of a better title.

Dancers and String sm