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Annie Murphy-Robinson

Annie’s works are represented by the Hespe Gallery in San Francisco and by the Eckert Gallery in New York.

Annie Murphy-Robinson

As with all artists in our collection, I invite those who have collected works by specific artist to share pictures of those pieces, and as much detail such as title and dimensions with which you are comfortable.    If for no other reason, putting images of collected works out on the Internet makes them accessible to art students who want to know what it is that collectors care about.  Many artists’ work seems to become invisible once they move out of the area in which they have sold their art, move on to other interests, or, sadly grow old, stop painting and/or die.  If collected art is to have any real meaning, the images of it must transcend the time in which it is created and sold.  I welcome any images sent to me for purposes of being included in these pages.  Call me at (916) 383-5341.  (We answer with a business name (Forensics Lab Supply), but it is still us.

Annie Murphy-Robinson creates sketches in charcoal with the use of sandpaper as a tool.  Her subject matter is often herself or either of her two daughters.

One of her most recent works is of her daughter Emily, is titled  “Trophy” and is charcoal on paper measuring 42″ X 20″.  It has recently become a part of the Edwards/Pedersen Collection. (001)

Emily Trophy by Annie Murphy-Robinson 2011 42" X 20"
Trophy by Annie Murphy-Robinson

A similar work, which is not a part of our collection is this. (002)

Emily-Trophy No 2

I have referred to it here as Emily-Trophy No 2.

Many of her works follow her daughters as they have grown.  Here is Emily in Tutu, charcoal on paper measuring 42″ X 20″ and done in 2005. (003)

Emily in Tutu by Annie Murphy-Robinson 2005.

In this work we see Casey in Profile.  This is also known as Casey and the Red Ball (004)

Casey in Profile by Annie Murphy-Robinson

And then a more fanciful piece titled Casey and the Owl. (005)

Casey and the Owl by Annie Murphy-Robinson

In Casey in Pigtails, color has been added in a work using charcoal and pastels.  (006)

Casey in Pigtails by Annie MurphyRobinson

It is also known as Casey in Pigtails and Shadow.

And we also have Casey in Curlers.  (007)

Casey in Curlers by Annie MurphyRobinson

This is, I believe, a rendering of Casey in a red dress.  (008)

Casey in Red Dress by Annie Murphy-Robinson

Then there are the two girls together in Tutu and Stockings, also using charcoal and pastels.  (009)

Tutu and Stockings by Annie MurphyRobinson

There is a wonderful series of Emilly crying.  The first is titled Emily Crying No 1 and is 29-1/2″ x 21″, a  pastel on paper from 2010.  (010)


010 Emily Crying No 1 29 plus half x 21 Pastel on Paper 2010


Of similar dimensions is Emily Crying #2  (011)


011 Emily Crying No 2 29 plus half x 21 Pastel on Paper 2010


And finally, Emily Crying #3  (012)


012 Emily Crying No 3 29 x 21 Pastel on Paper 2010


In a somewhat more relaxed mood, Emily returns as a subject in repose upon what appears to be some out-of-doors rattan furniture.  (013)

Emily Recumbant on Rattan Furniture

An inanimate object is rendered here in charcoal and pastels.  It is titled Bike #2 (or Bike – Confrontation) and is 30″ by 28″.  (014)

Bike #2 by Annie Murphy-Robinson


Some additional views of Casey are in Casey and the Quilt – Emerging Hiding.  (015)

Casey and the Quilt - Emerging Hiding



In the Sasquatch Series, Annie portrays her self in an animistic style … out in the woods.   From 2007, a piece titled Tahoe.  (016)

Sasquatch Series "Tahoe" by Annie Murphy-Robinson

“Tahoe is charcoal on Paper 42″ x 60”.

From 2008,  a part of the same series titled Dordogne.  (017)

Sasquatch Series "Dordogne" by Annie Murphy-Robinson

This piece is of charcoal on paper as well and measures 34″ x 43″.  Another work from the same year is titled Birchtrees.  (018)

Sasquatch Series Birchtrees by Annie Murphy-Robinson


Somewhat more metaphysical are these four works.  First The Dollhouse #3, done with shadow charcoal on rag  in 2005.  It is 94″x102″.  This may be available through Natsoulas Gallery in Davis.  (019)


020 Doll House Number 3 with Shadow


Another view of a doll house titled Ward 9.  (020)

Ward 9 by Annie Murphy-Robinson

Then there is the Doll Portrait – The Quiet Hero.  (021)


022 Doll Portrait - The Quiet Hero


Done on charcoal and pastel on rag in 2007 it is  32″ by 44″.

There is, in addition, a Kewpie doll.  (022)

Kewpie Doll

And a work titled Gabrielles Lamp in which both Casey and Emily appear.  (023)


024 Gabrielles Lamp


Two works with brighter pastels are Clown Coitus,  (024)


025 Clown Coitus


and Clown – Post Coitus.  (025)


026 Clown Post Coitus


This work is called Dragonfly Eyes.  (026)


027 Dragonfly Eyes