Raymond Rowley King – A through C

These pages attempt to catalog the oeuvre of the brilliant artist Raymond Rowley King, arranged in alphabetical order by title.  They are spread over five pages to make them load more quickly.   On this page are items A through C.   As additional works are submitted to me, I will add them as time permits.  A reasonably good image is required for publication.  If the collector wants to have the owner’s name mentioned, please include that information.  At present, I have images of just over 100 of the works of Raymond Rowley King.  Sometimes his name is spelled Raymond Rouley King incorrectly.  Whenever possible, I prefer to include the title of the work as well as the dimensions.  If you are interested in selling the art work, please indicate where the piece is located, and some idea of a price you would consider fair.   At present, emails may be sent to collectedartworks@hotmail.com . Or you may also call me at (916)383-5341.

            8th Street NYC

A Copenhagen Saturday Morning

            A Country Doctor

A Country Doctor seems related to An Evening Call in the Edwards/Pedersen Collection.  This piece is 52 inch by 53 inch and is in a private collection in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It is said to have been painted in 1968.  The two paintings do seem to me to have common ground.  Of course the carriage itself puts the subject into the realm of the artists imagination.  A third similar work, titled, “Late Evening Call”, is known to have existed for which only a brochure image is available.

            A February Day

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            A Figure Study in Silver

           A Friend

            A Moment

            A Moment In Israel

            A Poem of Haifa

            A Portrait of a Delightful and Charming Young Lady

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            A Sacramento Wedding

            A Small Girl on White Linen

            A Study from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

The word that I had from Victor Heady was that after Raymond Rowley King was paroled, his parole officer advised him along the lines that he knew that Ray would come up dirty one day on a drug test and that he, the officer, would have to bust him back to the Joint (Vacaville Medical Facility in California) and that Ray would be well advised to split the country.One version has it that Ray then fled to Canada, married a woman there, got a British passport and left for Israel ending up living in a kibbutz.  Another version is that he simply applied for a passport while on parole and it was issued to him without any unusual delay.Somewhere along the way he must have stopped by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.He may have returned in 1970 to do these two studies.  It is also possible that they were done from photographs or from sketches.  In fact, both may be true.

The first one is titled ‘A Study from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.’  Two male figures may be seen here that are of interest.  In the background near the window stood the Hungarian defector Attila Ficzere who later starred with San Francisco Ballet and who now teaches at the University of Utah Ballet Department.  In the foreground the central red-haired male is Eric Horenstein who went from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to do A Chorus Line and other Broadway musicals.

         A Study In Line and Wash

A Study in Line and Wash is 22-3/4 inches by 40-3/4 inches.  From the appearance of the background stain and from the odd dimensions, one would guess that this is done on Masonite.  The year was 1969 and available information is that it was done in New York State and may even have been done on the Long Island estate of Elaine deKooning.

A Study in Line and Wash by Raymond Rowley King

It is interesting to note how much expression that Ray derives from the small area of the face that is exposed.

            A View of Elspeth 

A View of Elspeth is a large oil (approx. 50″ x 50″) was last seen in mid 1970s. It is said to have been sold through the Clothes Horse Gallery in Portland, Oregon.   The left half of the painting depicted a steeply terraced gathering of Victorian architecture.    This is an image from a gallery brochure, thus the weird color.


            An Autumn Love Story

            An Evening Call

Probably painted in 1968.  Two similar works are known to have existed, “A Country Doctor”, and “Late Evening Call”.

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            An Oil Study of Brad Horenstein and Guitar

This oil painting is said to be 36″ x 24″, though this image does not conform to that description.  It is signed verso, dated April of 1976, painted in Oregon, and in a private collection in Oregon.

Done in Oregon in April of 1976, this particular work was done after Ray’s return to the United States from Israel.


            Barque Euphemia Beached at San Quentin (printed on brick from Old Sash & Blind Building at San Quentin State Prison 1852-1980.)

            Bird Art

This is probably an intaglio print with some modifications. it is similar to the work title “Nude with Mask”.  The dimensions of “Bird Art” are 3-1/2″ x 4-5/8″.

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Black Bitch


This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Bust of Man

            California Landscape

            Cocktail Party

Here’s a moody piece from the brush of King.

This 22 inch by 21-1/2 inch work was done most probably on Masonite in 1963 while Ray was still in Vacaville.  We see a rather slinky model, probably a punk, vamping the artist while wearing a lamp shade on his head.  The model’s left hand is held up in a ‘stylish’ manor.  To the models right is a square liquor bottle created with a few strokes suggestin the glistening of light off of the glass edges and the tall, thin, round neck of that bottle.

One imagines effeminate male homosexuals in prison with little to do but act as though they were somewhere else, perhaps at a cocktail party.  In a private collection, probably in California.

            Coming Home From Mamie’s

This was last seen at auction in New York City.  A collector of the works of Raymond Rowley King has expressed interest in contacting the current owner.  It was probably resold through a dealer in NYC.