Raymond Rowley King – D through I

These pages attempt to catalog the oeuvre of the brilliant artist Raymond Rowley King, arranged in alphabetical order by title.  They are ranged over five pages to make them easier to load quickly.   On this page are items D through I.   As additional works are submitted to me, I will add them as time permits.   A reasonably good image is required for publication.  If the collector wants to have the owner’s name mentioned, please include that information.  At present, I have images of just over 100 of the works of Raymond Rowley King.  Some times his name is spelled Raymond Rouley King incorrectly.  Whenever possible, I prefer to include the title of the work as well as the dimensions .. and whether or not the work is being offered for sale, and, if so, please suggest a  price.  In that regard, the location of the artwork is an important factor.  At present, emails may be sent to collectedartworks@hotmail.com . You may also call me at (916)383-5341.

            Dance Studio, San Francisco

This oil on canvas measures 13″ x 11″.  It sold at auction in Edinburgh, Scotland on Oct 5, 2007 for $817 USD, plus whatever auction house fee was applicable. 


             Dancer Prepares

Title Unknown (Dancer With Red Hair, perhaps), though I have settled on Dancer Prepares for the moment.  It is oil on wood, 19-1/2″ x 39-1/4″ x 5/16″ thick.

On July 17, 2013, this painting was offered on eBay. The starting bid was $500 delivered. It did not sell at that time.  The owner is, I believe, in Atlanta, Georgia or somewhere in the north of Florida around Tallahassee.

Note the musculature in the area of the left bicep. That plus the red hair cause me to believe that this is a painting of a male member of that Ballet troup who later appeared in A Chorus Line.  On the other hand, it could be an image of  the Australian dancer, Louise Naughton.

A closer detail of the neck and the hands, which are always shown doing something in King’s work.

Here is a detail of the upper half of the painting.

Dancer Prepares by Raymond Rowley King upper detail

And a detail of the lower half.

Dancer Prepares by Raymond Rowley King lower detail

And a closer detail of the neck and the hands, which are always shown doing something in King’s work.

Dancer Prepares by Raymond Rowley King closeup of hands and neck


            Daniel Lawrence Walker

            David Eric Horenstein


            Don Quixote

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Ebba, a Life Study

            Ebba King

This painting is in a private collection in California.



            Figure Study in Silver

            Fishing Boat in Fog and Mist

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Five Sisters

Five Sisters is a work done, in 1975, in oil on six small pieces of Masonite.  Once framed, it measures 41″ x 50-1/2″.  The three Panels above comprise the left half of the work; those below are the right half.   The right three panels shows two sisters and another (left) whom we are to guess is their mother.

Details of the left panel shows one sister with something interesting in her upraised right hand and another sister turned sideways giving an additional clue regarding the period of the clothing that they all wear.

A third detail of the right panel shows that another sister is holding an odd device.

These individual panels all begin with stain on gesso for the background. Note that the background contains evidence of both vertical strokes as well as ones in the horizontal.  This ensemble item is in a private collection though, at this time, its whereabouts are unknown to this author.  It is presumed to be in Israel.




            Girl Reading and Smoking

            Girl with Beehive Hair

            Girl with Black Eyes

            Girl With Book

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Girl with Hat

            Girl with Ponytail


The Governess is quite similar to a work titled “A Victorian Girl”.  A Victorian Girl was a recent acquisition of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.  The two paintings differ in that our acquisition is of a taller, more slender woman.

            Greased Pig

For some reason, I have no image for Greased Pig.

            Grocery Shop

It is said to be of a small market in the blue-collar section of Copenhagen.  It sold for 403 USD in 2017 plus auction house charges. This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.


This painting was purchased from an auction house in South Africa.  The price was nominal … about $300 USD.  The problems were two.  Though I was able to pay for the painting through some sort of bank transfer, the auction house offered no shipping service.  I discovered an on-line social network fo people in South Africa.  Through that service, I found someone in Gauteng (the smallest province in South Africa) who was willing to pick up the painting, take it off of its frame, roll it up in a tube, and send it to me on my FedEx account.  (Note the slight vertical streak down the middle of the figure on the right.  The slight damage is fairly easy to repair.)  Paying him for his efforts was the second stumbling block.  For whatever reason, the government of South Africa does not permit payments through PayPal.  The issue was resolved through a fortuitous forthcoming visit from a friend of his in the UK.

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

            Head Turning

            House in Amsterdam


            In Hospital Waiting Room

            Interior, Bar and Grill

An untitled work done in Tel Aviv in 1971 has emerged in San Francisco, then has sunk back in to obscurity.  Here, I call it Interior, Bar and Grill.  The dimensions are 20.5 x 17 inches.

             Interior of Bar with Four Figures

This painting is part of the Edwards-Pedersen Collection.

             Israeli Garden