Raymond Rowley King – O through S

These pages attempt to catalog the oeuvre of the brilliant artist Raymond Rowley King, arranged in alphabetical order by title.  They are ranged over five pages to make them easier to load quickly.   On this page are items O through S.   As additional works are submitted to me, I will add them as time permits.   A reasonably good image is required for publication.  If the collector wants to have the owner’s name mentioned, please include that information.  At present, I have images of just over 100 of the works of Raymond Rowley King.  Some times his name is spelled Raymond Rouley King incorrectly.  Whenever possible, I prefer to include the title of the work as well as the dimensions .. and whether or not the work is being offered for sale, and, if so, please suggest a  price.  In that regard, the location of the artwork is an important factor.  At present, emails may be sent to collectedartworks@hotmail.com . You may also call me at (916)383-5341.


              Old Ford





                Oregon Coast

                Paper Mache (Papier-mâché) Face

                Partially Cloudy with Light Rain in the San Francisco Bay Area




             Portræt of Woman

             Portrait of Girl with Long Dark Hair

             Portrait of Lewis H Fudge Deputy Warden San Quentin by Raymond Rowley King

             Portrait of Old Man

             Rainy Afternoon

             Red and White

             Reuben Strommy

             Richard Sample, Painter


             Sacramento River Tapestry


             Sacramento Wedding 

             Sailboat for Sale

             Salvation Army Band

             San Francisco Tapestry


             Saturday Noon

This work is of two figures with one working on the hair of the other. At first glance
they appear to be women. This may not have been the inspiration for the piece. If I were
to hazard a guess, this was done while Ray was incarcerated at Vacaville Medical Facility
in California. Effeminate male homosexuals (known in prison as ‘punks’), who were facing
state prison time, were usually sent to this facility to protect them from the general
population of prisoners. For Ray, they were an interesting subject matter, one which
shows up in paintings done well after his release.
Of course, in prison, they would not have worn skirts and blouses or have been permitted
to grow their hair long.But they could act like women. From a private collection.

Saturday Noon (detail)

The dimensions of this piece are not currently available. The bottom portion of the
painting is shown in the second image as described by the painting’s owner, “There is a
lower portion (of the painting) with left figure sitting on a stool with rungs. The right
hand figure takes interesting posture and wears sandals. Both figures “fade” into outlined
figures only, no wash, color, or human texture”. This second image was submitted to me on
October 16, 2006, for which I am very grateful. It is no doubt done in oil, probably on
1/4 inch tempered Masonite.

             Sea Poem

             Sea Poem 2

Image not available.

             Self Portrait




             Ship Sailing Down Hudson



             Sister in Law

             Sketch of Louise Naughton

              Sleeping Girl




             Sorcerer’s Apprentice




             Steel Work Box

             Street Car Diner on Pilings

             Studio Corner

             Studio Organ

This is a small charcoal work done on a church tile.  It is of a studio organ.  Several books are piled on top of the organ.  A cat seems to have jumped up on it to have a look.  The piece is in a private collection in Oregon.

             Study in Line and Wash

             Study in Paint and Varnish Number 2

In this piece, two figures are presented.  In the foreground, a nude woman is brushing her hair.   There seems to be a reflection in a mirror behind her the light from which provides some outline of her body. The painting is eight-1/2 inches in diameter.  The back side of the painting reveals that it was done in 1971 and, as is true of all four, they were painted in Israel.

             Study in Silver